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Simple Tip to Avoid Heart Attack – Just Be Nice!

ModNChic - ageless beauty for young, mature and 50 plus women - Simple Tip to Avoid Heart Attack – Just Be Nice!

I recently read a short article by Tom Attea (source from: Article City – Angry People Get More Heart Attacks; Nice People Delighted).  He highlighted a simple tip of how to reduce the chance of having a heart attack – by simply being nice. As simple as it sounds, being nice to others might not come easily for every one .

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He said that “studies have shown that those with a type D personality (some say stands for “distressed”) are more prone to having heart attacks and strokes. These people tend to project hostility, anxiety and anger more than being nice or showing empathy and care for others.

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Be nice and reduce risk of a heart attack

We all want to be nice, easy-going, funny and be able to share our thoughts and emotions easily. If we are truly one of the nice ones, then we should be the ones helping those with type D personality.

We need to be nice to them and to understand their emotional predicament. Hopefully, with so many nice people around them, the ‘nice’ effect might just rub off on them.

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In conclusion, it is good to know that just by being nice, we can enjoy a healthier and longer life. Not only that, we would be more likeable and are able to make more friends! That’s definitely a win-win situation.

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