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Lose Weight and be Healthy, The Japanese Flavor-Pairing Way

Lose weight be healthy and happy the Japanese flavor-pairing way

Review of the ancient method of losing weight and staying healthy

Everyone wants to look slim, healthy and young forever. However, that’s easier said than done. With our lifestyle today, it’s easy to put on those extra pounds but almost impossible to lose any weight!

** The World Health Organisation named Japan as one of the “Healthiest Country on the Planet”. It turns out that Japan has ranked in the top 5 for the past 50 years!  Apart from that, they were also named the most “Disease-Resistant” and the “Happiest” country as well. Therefore, it looks like they must be doing something right.

Most Japanese women live to an astonishing average age of 87 years. They had uncommonly low rates of dementia, depression, heart attacks and strokes. While elsewhere in the world, people are getting weaker and sicker due to their unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Alter eating habits to lose weight and ‘supercharge’ our immune system

It turns out that the Japanese had made one simple ‘alteration’ to their eating habits some 62 years ago. Although the adjustment is subtle, the profound ‘alteration’ managed to super-charge their immune systems. It triggers hormonal-synergy needed to produce ‘warrior’ antibodies, fighting against disease and obesity.

A study also revealed that on average, Japanese women are 42 lbs (19kg) lighter than Western women. They also consume almost double carbohydrates! While the obesity rate dominated 75% of the American, the obesity rate remained almost non-existent for the Japanese women. So, how do they achieve that?

How to get a slim body and lose belly fat, quickly and safely

Find out what’s her secret

How to lose weight and live a longer, happier life with the ‘Japanese Diet Code’

Ailment-ridden and overweight Carly Donovan decided to put all her savings into a project, collaborating with a bio-nutrition research lab. Her team of scientists and nutritionists carried out studies and research on a special weight loss program.  

How to lose weight quickly and safely with this weight loss program quickly and safely
Find out how Lisa’s weight loss program

Finally they cracked the “Japanese-Diet-Code” after 6 months.  The Shoku-Iku (which translates to Nutrition Architecture) is a set of guidelines, broken down into extremely simple food and flavor-pairing rituals. The team discovered that women who practiced Shoku-Iku lost weight very quickly and are able to maintain desirable body figures.

The primary goal of each pairing was to create “hormonal and metabolic balance. This helps to promote health, well-being, strength and happiness from within”. The scientists explained that elsewhere, people tend to “attack” obesity, diseases and depression from the outside-in approaches. These include diets, exercise routines and pills we’re all used to.

Unlock the Fat-Loss Code and lose the unwanted weight, fast!

In 1966, the fast-food craze hit America. However, in Japan, the government passed laws to make Flavor-Pairing Rituals and Shoku-Iku, the country’s mandatory Nutritional Platform.  This “wellness from within” ritual has been in practice for over 50 years. While people elsewhere are becoming fat, sick and unhealthy, the Japanese just kept losing weight and living longer, happier, more fulfilling lives.

The Japanese have adopted this simple, yet metabolically-explosive set of Flavor-Pairing rituals for decades. It’s the key to unlocking the women’s fat-loss code without the use of any pills being concocted in a lab or “get-skinny-quickly” diet churned up by some TV doctor. This ritual has helped more than 2 billion people live a leaner, healthier and longer life. 

How to lose body weight and slim down safely and quickly tips and ways to drop dress sizes

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Various food pairing rituals to lose weight

  1. Chocolate-pairing ritual to lose weight:  Instead of counting calories, Swiss women lose a-pound-a-day by using a simple chocolate-pairing habit. This helps to reset weight loss hormones, torching their body into fat-burning overdrive.

  2. Carb-pairing ritual to reduce calories:  The study went on to prove that Japanese women were able to eat more starchy, calorie-filled foods using carb-pairing ritual at dinner each night.

  3. Movement-pairing ritual to eliminate fat:  Australian women who lost weight the fastest did zero-cardio and replaced it with a simple movement-sequencing ritual to eliminate fat from their problem areas.

  4. Wine-pairing ritual to avoid strokes:  Spanish women used a wine-timing-ritual that eradicated the deadly inflammation enzymes that caused over 140000 strokes in North America every single year.

  5. Spice-pairing ritual to enjoy dessert:  Now, we could lose weight even faster by pairing two savoury dessert spices found in almost every home kitchen. Now it’s time to discover some ‘cheat foods’ so that we can continue to have our cake and eat it, too!

How I drop 4 dress sizes in one month - quick easy and safe way
Find out how you can achieve this, too

Read about Carly Donovan’s incredible weight loss experience. 

She’s the woman who created the Cinderella (Weight Loss) Solution.

“From the moment my team and I finalized the World’s Top 11 Weight Loss Doubling, FLAVOR PAIRING Rituals, I decided to empower myself by taking action that very afternoon.

I am a strong believer that the most successful and empowered women on the planet are ACTION TAKERS.”

I decided to use only the 4 rituals that fit into my lifestyle the best.  And In only 30 minutes, all scepticism was erased when I was starting to notice subtle, yet immediate changes. Admittedly I was experiencing a mild headache but it actually gave me peace-of-mind.

Because as the lead scientist from our research team told me: “Any small headaches or minor discomfort in the first few hours confirms your inflammation enzymes and fat cells are being mobilized for elimination.”

The good news was, by about 3pm that mild-headache slowly transitioned to a slight euphoric feeling.  I knew I had more energy, my 24-hour brain-fog had disappeared and a happy-calm began to infuse my entire body.

I really couldn’t exercise yet because I still had a bruised vertebrae in my back from the fall I had earlier.  So, I just continued using only 4 of my favorite flavor-pairing rituals for the next couple days.”

The result:  Carly lost weight and dropped 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks! 

And she didn’t stop there.  She went on to say:

“I lost 6 dress sizes and every pair of pants with an “XL” or “L” were in the garbage. Even my most embarrassing trouble spot… my butt and legs… went from shameful, to shameless! Friends couldn’t even believe the pictures until they saw the tattoos matched 🙂 Every outfit I tried on fit perfectly, hugging all-the-right-curves in all-the-right-places…”

Happy and in love - learn the secrets to building lasting romantic relationship
How to find love and be happy

After turning 20, the female metabolism is hardwired to fail but it turns out that we are only a simple step away from reigniting our female fat loss hormones.  

Unfortunately, many of us don’t realise that. This is because the billion-dollar weight loss industry keeps focusing on selling us quick-fix products that do not work.  They ignore the main reason: that our hormones are forcing weight gain in the first place.  

Take the next step to losing weight and get the slim body that you want

Tens of thousands of women all over the world have benefitted from Cinderella Solution.  It is a weight loss cure that is easy to start and simple to follow. The Flavor-Pairing rituals hits the “reset switch” on your metabolism.  It focuses on the 3 important fat-burning hormones: Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen.

Cinderella weight loss program, lose weight daily, easily and safely without dieting

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Watch your body fat float away in the next 3 weeks!

  • Reignite and re-align your 3 fat burning hormones to create a fat-burning domino effect from the inside out

  • Lose weight 6 times faster than today’s most popular commercial diet – without counting a single calorie

  • Look and feel 10-20 years younger by eating the ‘comfort food’ 

  • Burn fat faster in female trouble spots by freeing up fat cells for use as ‘on demand’ energy source

  • Live 22% longer. You can do so by stacking carbohydrates in a way that actually strengthens your heart while you lose the weight

  • Achieve the freedom from hunger and food-obsession using a ‘procrastination method’ used in Alcoholic Anonymous for over 75 years

  • Discover the wine ‘golden window’. It is the best time to drink wine and still lose weight (by using the stopwatch on your smartphone)

There is nothing to lose but that extra weight!

The Cinderella Weight Loss Program comes with a simple money-back guarantee.  Customers will get a refund if they are unhappy after using the program for 2 full months. Their 24hr customer support team will be there to assist with the refund and answer any queries that customers may have about the program.

Get that slim body that you've always wanted - the safe way

FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Too Old for This to work?  

Definitely not!  It has worked wonders for women from their late 30s, right up to over 60s.

The low-impact Movement Sequencing workouts gently influence weight-loss and they are completely optional.  You don’t even have to use them to experience great results.  Additionally, you will also receive the bonus Quick Start Guide. It will show you 2 key Flavor-Pairing rituals that will have you feeling 10 years younger in your first week.

Do I need a bunch of fitness machines, gym membership, a fridge full of diet to get started?

No way!  All you need is a pair of lightweight dumbbells and you also don’t need to buy special diet products or weird foods. Simply follow your easy to use, pre-made calendars, complete with delicious recipes and watch the weight float away.

By the way, don’t spend any money on useless gym memberships. If you already have one, just cancel it and save some dollars!  You will get rid of those ‘trouble spots’ with the optional workouts in the comfort of your own home.

What happens after I click the “Add to Cart” button?

Well, the short answer is – you’ll have taken your first step towards becoming a Cinderella Success Story.

You will be taken to our 100% secure order page immediately after you hit the “Add To Cart” button. Simply enter your information and you will receive instant access to the full Cinderella Solution Female Weight Loss System. Thereafter, you will also gain access to your bonus items.

You will never be billed again as this is a one-time investment. You can download all the books and videos to as many devices as you like. Therefore, you can access to the system on your computer, tablet and/or phone whenever you want.

I have a slow metabolism / a slow thyroid / diabetes / heart disease…. Will this system still work for me?

Many Cinderella Success Stories have shown improvements in relation to many diseases and ailments even though it’s not designed to treat any of these problems.


This system is not just designed to help you lose weight but also engineered to promote quick and safe weight loss by using tactics that heal from the inside out.

So, stop waiting and start taking action today because there’s nothing to lose but those excess body fat. Today is the day you start getting your slim, healthy body back!

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