Let your Pets help you improve your Health

If you want to make a good investment today, why not try having a pet? It’s probably the best one you make as pets can boost your health and happiness. Pets have been known to improve and enrich the lives of their owners, helping them to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

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Pets and seniors

Seniors who live independently with pets tend to have better physical strength, mental health and general wellbeing. They become more active, less stressed with improved blood pressure readings.

Many of the benefits of having a pet are less tangible. Pets allow for physical contact, consistent companionship with unconditional love. They act as a support system for older people without homes or families or close friends. Those living with pets tend to be more emotionally-stable and are able to handle crisis better.

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Pet care and attention

We may think that taking care of a pet seems like a lot of work. It is that very process of walking, feeding, grooming, caring, playing and petting, that helps pet owners lower the heart rate, reduces anxiety and stress levels. This in turn helps to increase serotonin and the release of beta-endorphins. The simple act of getting up to open the door to let the dog in, or changing the water for the kitty would require some cardiovascular exercise. As a consequence, this helps maintain joint flexibility and keep joints limber and agile.  

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Those suffering from social isolation and the separation anxiety can benefit from having pets. Pet owners tend to develop regular routine of getting up every day as they need take their pets for a walk or to buy food and groceries. These are necessary physical, emotional, and social activities, that help elderly people remain active, motivated to eat and sleep, and comfortable in their environments and with themselves.

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