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Spirituality – Live A Happier Life

Modnchic - Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Adjustment - Free ebook Prayer

Adjustment - What Is It?

Adjustment is an important subject of social sciences.  It culminates to unity and strong bonds between people which is very necessary for the advancement and existence of society and the country. This is one of the sterling virtues and whosoever adopts it would sail the boat of life smoothly and happily. The dictionary, the  meaning of adjustment is to “alter slightly, become used to a new situation and harmonize” –  it is a give and take affair.

Becoming Stronger & Happier

Modnchic - Finding Happiness Through Spiritual Adjustment - Free ebook Prayer

When we adopt a life of adjustment, we tend to lean towards using diplomacy, restraint and steer away from provocation. With an attitude of adjustment, all strings of rancour will loosen, converting into bonds of love, service, righteousness and universal brotherhood. In this spirit, even the mightiest and the weakest may live together in complete harmony.

We become stronger and would be able to ‘choose’ to lose a fight or to negotiate skillfully and will clear out all misunderstandings with others. The internal negative tug within us will vanish – and we become adaptable.  This helps us to be humble, generous and extinguish arrogance. With the smallest gesture of adjustment would earn us the pleasure, goodwill, confidence, harmony and respect from others.

When we quell any feeling of hatred through adjustment, our stress level is reduced resulting in harmony in every section of our life.  Since our emotions are controlled, the heart and mind work in unison with a desire to live peacefully. 

Removing Negativities In Our Life

With adjustment we learn the art of handling people with due consideration and tact – even the knotty and puzzling problems get solved.  When we adopt a positive attitude, our language becomes sweet – all the rigidity melts down and this makes us more lovable and likeable to others.

There are many disadvantages for those who do not adjust and are not flexible in life. When things do work out properly, they tend to blame their luck, God or someone else for their shortcomings. Unfortunately, these people may start to think negatively.  They may either adopt a defensive or aggressive attitude, become offensive, unfriendly and with bad temperament and a growing sense of hatred.

Healthy Mind Builds Healthy Body

What we need to remember is that ‘adjustment’ has amazing healing powers. It heals us from within.  We may have read about how changing our lifestyle, mindset and attitude can also help and expedite recovery from illnesses.  This is because the mind is a very powerful thing – it can affect our life positively or negatively – it all depends on what we choose to to feed it with.  

Let’s make some simple changes… Why not start with these?

1. Give yourself some ‘quiet time’ to reflect on your day.

2. Think of positive things and avoid negative ones.

3. Try yoga and simple meditation.