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Quick Fat Loss in 3 Easy Steps

fat loss belly - Quick Fat Loss in 3 Easy Steps - lose weight

Are you ready for some fat loss but worry about losing all that hard-earned lean muscle along with it?

Muscle or fat loss?

Unfortunately, each time you lose fat, there is a danger of cutting into your muscle mass as well. However, it is not an arduous task to lose that fat – you simply have to strike a tricky balance where you eliminate as much fat as possible while preserving your muscle.

Quick Fat Loss in 3 Easy Steps - lose weight

If you simply want to lose a little ‘padding’ round the waist, here is a simple 3-Step Quick & Easy Fat-Loss Tip that you can try:

Drink plenty of plain water

There is no simpler and more effective way to help you flush-out those unwanted toxins in our body. Remember to only drink plain water and to AVOID soft drinks or any sweet drinks (even the diet ones are loaded with salt) and even juices are high in glucose content (note: glucose is a natural form of sugar).

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Want some fat loss? ‘Edit’ your diet

Quick Fat Loss in 3 Easy Steps - lose weight fresh salads

Try eating less of carbohydrates such as pasta, breads, pastries or wheat products as well as red meat. Instead, increase your intake of vegetables and healthy proteins such as soy-based products and egg whites.

Small but frequent meals

Feed your body in small portions, every three hours, everyday. This will keep your metabolism on high-burn mode. Do not starve your body over five to six hours this will trigger the brain to send a message to your body to ‘save and store’ body fats (this is the body’s natural way of slowing down fat-burning process to conserve energy in anticipation of extreme starvation).

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