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Rock that Athleisure Style

Look active and stylish as you strut this comfortable yet fashionable style.

We can all agree that our lives are getting busier and more hectic by the day. Therefore, wearing something comfortable and practical will certainly help make us feel a little better. 

Mix and Match

So what happens when we mix fashion with function to create a trendy, chic and wearable look?  We get Athleisure – it is a term that has been added to the dictionary. It is defined as “casual clothing” designed which can be worn both for exercising and for general use.” 

Athleisure street style - Look active and stylish as you strut this comfortable yet fashionable style

Athleisure, in essence, is an effortlessly-stylish apparel for everyday-wear.  It reflects a change in lifestyle and based on our busy daily schedules, increased health consciousness with many of us adopting a more relaxed dress code these days.

Stay youthful

It’s a style that keeps us looking cool (and young), stylish and best of all, comfortable (let’s keep stilettos aside for now).  We see many celebrities rocking athleisure; from the streets to the runways or from fitness studios to happy hour. Now, we don’t need to carry around a change of clothes after our  workout or struggle in heels all day long.

Mix and match - athleisure casual streetwear style easy to wear

Luxury brands are jumping onto this bandwagon, too. Remember that it is better to wear a set of good-fitting clothing is far better than a branded one that doesn’t fit well. 

Level of ‘casualness’

To create Athleisure style, we just need to blend our favourite fashion pieces with our activewear.  As a rule, the more formal the occasion or location we’re going to, the more fashionable pieces we add to our look.  The more casual the occasion, the more functional activewear pieces should be worn.


And don’t forget to accessorise.  You can wear accessories with sleek designs or a sporty vibe.  The idea is – less is more.  Carry a stylish backpack and wear one or maximum, two (of these items – a baseball cap, an aviator sunglass, silver hoop earrings or a thin chain necklace.

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Complete athleisure looks by accessorising appropriately. Keep to a sleek, sports vibe and add a touch of your personal style. A pair of aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap, or a stylish backpack will all work perfectly. Don’t forget about jewellery as it will add the perfect street style touch to your athleisure look. But remember not to overdo it. A simple pair of gold or silver hoop earrings or a thin chain necklace is all you need.

Quick Tips and Dos & Don’ts of Athleisure

  • Mix sports pieces into our daily wear – wear sports bra under a bomber jacket or wear leggings under a chic coat. 
  • Get creative when layering the pieces together because there is no hard and fast rule to follow.
  • Play around and mix fabrics, ie. Denim, spandex, jersey, cotton, etc.
  • Use sneakers and casual sporty footwear
  • Try wearing a sporty top with tailored pants or leggings with a shirt
  • Make sure your pieces are clean and in good condition
  • Remember to accessorise
  • Limit loud, bright, bold colour and prints
  • Follow seasonal activewear trends

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By Kit Sani Barrett, principal consultant & trainer at ImageXchange.  She contributes various articles relating to beauty, style, business, home & lifestyle.