Easy decor tips to refresh our home

Sometimes when we start to feel tired, sluggish or bored when we’re at home, perhaps it’s time for a change scenery or environment. But if moving to a new place or taking time off for a holiday is not immediately possible, perhaps we can try these simple home decor tips. Refresh our mind and soul by making minor changes to our living spaces because after all, home is where the heart is.

With just a few quick tweaks here and there, we could bring a fresher, new look to our home.

Kill the Clutter

Declutter – be ruthless and remove all the unnecessary clutter. Get a large garbage bag and go around your house (or room) and remove anything that you have not used (or touched) for last year (or two)! Of course, you can keep special gifts or items of sentimental value and display them nicely. It’s also time to rethink how you fill up your shelves – remember, less is more – give some space between each decorative item (or groups of items such as books, or a set of mementos).

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

ModNChic - ageless beauty for young, mature and 50 plus women - Quick tips to refresh our home

Add a little bit of greenery of the outdoors into your living spaces with small potted plants, artificial or dried floral arrangements or simply a basket of fruits. One simple idea is to put a few small pots of plants together in a tray and voila! You’ve got a lovely array of colours.

Pump up the Colours

ModNChic - ageless beauty for young, mature and 50 plus women - Quick tips to refresh our home

There is such a thing as Psychology of Colours – as they affect how we feel, behave and react.  To create calmness in a room, try having it painted in light blue and for a happier, brighter feel, then yellow-based tones is the way to go.  There are three key elements of colours: depth (light/dark), undertones (warm/cool) and clarity (bright/muted). The key thing is to make sure that the choice of colours within one area or room is harmonised with the same undertone.  Not in the mood to mess about with painting work? Then try updating your curtains instead.

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Welcome to My Home Gallery

ModNChic - ageless beauty for young, mature and 50 plus women - Quick tips to refresh our home

Decorate empty walls with a series of your favourite photos of friends and family.  Add fun and spontaneity by framing those photos in funky and colourful frames. You can also decide on the ‘feel’ such as resort, retro, Nordic or zen look for a specific space and then put up the appropriate pictures to bring out the intended vibe.

Let there be Light!

Lighting also plays an important role in enhancing the intended ‘feel’ of a space.   You cannot use a bright daylight bulbs for your light fixtures if you want to create a warm and relaxing environment.  On the same token, you would need to avoid using warm-hue light bulbs for your study or work areas as you will need to create a brighter environment (and is also better for your eyesight).

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