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Dress for Success (Part-2)

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In the earlier Part-1, we mentioned that people who take care of their image, earns at least 6% more than those who don’t and that the way we look and dress reflect positively on the way we care for our work responsibility, commitments (and customers).

Next on Dress for Success: Part-2: The Walk & Talk. For those who missed Part-1, read it here.

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Dress for Success – The Walk

Once we have learnt to manage the way we Look, now we can move on to managing the way we ‘Walk’.   Mind you, it is not just about walking – but it encompasses all that we do with our body, from our deportment, poise to our handshake and body language. Every gesture we make, speaks volume to the people around us. Try straightening up our spine – and by doing so; we could easily increase our stature by an inch or two. Adopt a more open and welcoming body posture to project a warm and friendly attitude, eg. open palms and avoid crossing arms across the chest. Avoid dragging or shuffling your feet as you walk, and instead, adopt a more positive ‘heel-toe-heel-toe’ strides.

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Dress for Success – The Talk

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Finally, to complete our image, be mindful of the words (and language style) that we use as well as the tone, pitch and volume of our voice. Remember that some words and language style (casual, formal or even Singlish) may not be suitable or appropriate for all audience and all situations. Low voice pitch tends to be perceived as more professional than squeaky, high-pitch one and that speaking loudly does not necessarily project confidence.

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