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7 Tips To Declutter Our Life And Finding Happiness

ModnChic - 7 Tips To Declutter Our Life And Find Happiness

How often do we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed – when we feel like there are a million things to do and so little time?  “I’ll do it tomorrow,” we thought… but that tomorrow never comes.  


What we need to remind ourselves is that ‘Procrastination’ is the thief of time.  It will rob us of our peace of mind, joy and happiness – and ten years down the line when we look back and wonder why we haven’t achieved anything in life.  We spend more time thinking and worrying about things than actually getting them done (and getting our peace of mind back).

Get Back Lost Days

We will never get to a place of purpose when we are surrounded by chaos (and, there is no such thing as ‘organised mess’).  According to experts, a cluttered home equals a cluttered life and studies proved that once we get our home in order, everything else will start to fall into place. 

Here’s an alarming statistic: The average person spends 60 hours per year looking for lost items. That equals 150 days throughout a lifetime! Just think of what we can do with those ‘additional’ 150 days! There is more to decluttering than getting rid of unwanted items in the home. It applies to every area of our life.

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Removing That Junk In Our Home & In Our Life

Our house should be our sanctuary; the place where we relax, socialize, lay our head at night and get a good rest. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people; why? It’s because their homes are so messy that it causes them more anxiety than working a 60-hour week! A cluttered environment equals a cluttered mind. When we have so much junk in our home that we could open a thrift store, it’s toxic. Here are some tips on how we can declutter our home.

Step-1: Get Rid of The Junk

Tackle each room one by one and get rid of anything that we haven’t used for more than a year. No matter how much we like the look of it, or whether we think we will be able to use it any time soon – if we don’t use it, bin it! What we do with the stuff is up to us.  We could hold a garage sale, sell the stuff on the internet or give it away to charity. The point is to get rid of it!

Step-2: Get Cleanin'

Now that we can see our carpet, it’s time to start cleaning. Again, go through each room, hoovering, dusting and wiping down the windows and the walls. we will be amazed at how much dirt was tucked underneath some of that junk.

Step-2: Get Organised

Now that everything is nice and clean, we want to make sure our home is in order. There should be a specific place for everything. For example…..

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