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Ministry Of Freedom – Affiliate Training, Mentoring & Coaching Program

Review of Ministry Of Freedom
Training Program - 2021

Review of Ministry Of Freedom Training Program By A Paid Member

Hi, I’m Kit Sani and this is my personal review of Ministry Of Freedom Training Program, which I had signed up for in October 2020.  If you are reading this review, then chances are, you are ready to embark on your internet marketing journey – more specifically, affiliate marketing.

When it comes to internet marketing training, there are literally thousands of them available online – be if free or paid courses, you won’t be short on choice.

However, when you are ready to sign up for a high-ticket training program, this is when you will need to do your research and due diligence.  This is to ensure that you won’t end up feeling disappointed or short-changed after going through the training program – and have to start searching again for a better training course than the one that you have just signed up for.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I move, for those who are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing concept, here’s a quick description of what it is.  It is a marketing model where affiliate marketers would promote and sell products from vendors.  For every lead generated or sale made, these marketers will then receive commissions from these vendors. 

Last year alone, the affiliate marketing business went past $12 billion mark – and that’s why, despite the competition in this arena, there is still a fair opportunity for anyone who wishes to embark on it.

What Is Ministry Of Freedom Training All About?

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or a veteran in internet marketing, you will find that Ministry Of Freedom Training (MOF) is the most complete, step-by-step, in-depth, high-value training program there is in the market. 

I feel that it is not just about the training modules within the MOF members’ area but the add-on value from the mentoring, additional training and learning that I get from:

  1. Ongoing mentoring sessions from the 5x weekly Q&A zoom sessions hosted by Jono Armstrong and his team of coaches to guide, mentor and helping members tackle any problems that they may face.
  2. Private Facebook group where members will get access to various guides, product review access, tools, updates and assistance from Jono and his team.

In short, the training program helps me in these aspects of internet marketing, which are not limited to:

  1. How to get affiliate links approved and getting product review access
  2. How to create your own product and how to launch it
  3. Email marketing to continue passive income
  4. Creating custom bonuses as an incentive for people to buy through affiliate links
  5. How to use YouTube Ads for endless paid traffic and more…

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is the main man behind Ministry of Freedom, who is currently an 8-figure super affiliate and now living a dream life that many of us aspire to achieve.

From his slow and humble beginnings of his internet marketing journey, he then went on to building a successful training business… from being totally broke with health issues and a mountain of debt to earning millions of dollars in just 3 years. 

I do agree with his mantra on success – that there is no quick and fast way to becoming successful because success requires drive, effort, persistence and patience. 

Jono is responsible for creating freedom for hundreds of his students,
many of which are now 6-Figure earners.

FREE Preview Training

For those who may be interested in having a ‘sneak’ peek to his training program, I would strongly recommend that you attend Jono’s free preview training – which is certainly well-worth attending.

In his free training, he unveils and reveals his secrets for this incredible success. A blueprint that can be replicated by almost anyone who is committed, consistent and persistent in succeeding and has a burning desire for financial and personal freedom.

He also reveals how he outsources his products, sales pages, graphics etc making the process of product creation as much hands free, quick, professional and cost effective as possible.  Simply register for the free training below:

Numerous Successful Testimonials

When it comes to  finding out whether a program is good and worth it or just simply cr*p, people tend to put their trust in testimonials.  However, it won’t be just based on a handful of positive testimonials.  We want to see loads of good testimonials before we can feel assured about jumping in to buying any product. 

Well, for Ministry of Freedom, they do have the backing of positive testimonials from hundreds of their students/members who are  successful.  And even the beginners are happy with their learning journey towards achieving the same success as their fellow members.

Read the testimonials here

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The Training Concept

Generally, the training program is all about affiliate marketing in the make money online niche.

The training concept is based on launch jacking (making eview videos of newly-launched digital products) as well as helping members to create their own products and how to launch them.

There many moving parts involved before you can successfully launch your own products.  Unless you are a veteran internet marketer, you will need set a good foundation (building knowledge and skills) and knowing the various aspects of product creation as well as working with affiliate partners to launch and market your products.

As an affiliate of digital products, you can enjoy a at least 50% commissions on products that you sell via your affiliate links.

The big advantage of being a product owner is that you will then get  50–100% commissions through the whole sales funnel (from sale of base product plus any upsells). By owning your own product, you will also start to build your branding and authority while increasing the size of your email list.

Watch My Personal Review Here

The Training Dashboard

The following image shows dashboard Ministry of Freedom Members’ Training Area – the full list of the training modules on the left panel.

Each module will consist the various training videos including templates and useful resource links to help members to move ahead after learning each module.  As for the above example, the right shows the various sections of the Product Launching module.

Throughout the training program, Jono reminds MOF members to keep to the plan and to diligently follow all the steps, one at a time.  They should not be impatient, rushing through or skipping any parts of the training modules as this might result in them feeling overwhelmed with all the things that we need to implement.

Ministry of Freedom Members' Training Dashboard

The Training Modules

Students will have to go through a series of over 100 videos, which are spread over a period of 9 weeks.   Here are some of the topics covered:

Week 1: Mindset, Commitment & Success

As Jono believes that to be successful, one needs to set a good foundation – the mindset as he knows that the way forward can be quite challenging.  I totally agree with him on this because looking back, if I were to regard this module is ‘unnecessary’ or a ‘waste of time’ and skipped it, I would be moving forward with a ‘rushed and impatient’ attitude – and might not give me the strength or resilience to press on.Without the proper mindset, the challenges that you (will) face may throw you off track, and the negativity will start to set in, and you might end up giving up before you reach the turning point. As simple, basic and ‘unnecessary’ as it may sound, this module is a necessary foundation for you to stand on.

Week 2: Tools and Applications

Jono has used the KISS method – keeping it very simple for everyone , young or seniors and we don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to venture into affiliate marketing. All you need is the desire to learn because whatever backend tools and apps that you need know and get is taught clearly in this module.
Week 3-4: Launch Jacking & Advanced Strategies

This is the week when you will learn all about Launch Jacking – how to find and make reviews of review newly-launched products.

The whole idea is based on the fact that there are many people who are interested and keen on new products in the market.  These are the people who may be ready to purchase these products.  However, they would first do their ‘due diligence’ by researching reviews of these new products and any extra bonuses and ‘freebies’ that they can get before buying them.

Week 5: Email Marketing

“The money is in the list”, they say – and it’s true.  Email marketing is still one of the most powerful strategy in making money online but it can be challenging when it comes to building a good list.  However, Jono has been very successful in this and we certainly cannot disregard his experience and knowledge as we duplicate the same blueprint that has worked for him all these years.
Week 6&7: Product Launching
This is an intensive dual-modules where MOF members will learn all about product creation.  Jono will teach what we need to know about designing and creating our own products and services.  Ultimately, having our own products is what we need to achieve in order to be successful in this business.Starting 2021, Jono has introduced the new ‘Launch Booster’ Incentive that Ministry of Freedom members can enjoy.  It is Jono’s way of encouraging and incentivising MOF members to move forward and start developing their own products. Each MOF member will have to team up with a fellow MOF member to discuss on product idea and start implementing what was taught in this module.   Jono and his team will guide the members throughout the process, help to partner with more established affiliate marketer (for sales promotion support) and when the product is ready, Jono will also foot the necessary cost for the production of marketing materials for the product to be launched.
Week 8: Software Research & Outsourcing
In this module, you will get all the information you need about:  Product Research, Software Research, Product Development Platforms and Outsourcing options.  Plus, the newly-added Q&A live webinar session on Friday is solely dedicated to help members in their journey to start developing their own software/training products.
Week 9:  Paid Traffic
In this module, members will learn everything about Google Ads, all the preparation needed to make a campaign work successfully – from creating optin page, setting webinars,  creating ads, retargeting, sales tracking and scaling.
They will also be able to implement Jono’s tried-and-tested blueprint of successful ad campaigns without having to spend lots of money doing their own A/B ad testings.

WHO Will Benefit From This Training ?

It’s for anyone who want to make money online – but like many other high-ticket training, Ministry Of Freedom training program may not be for everyone due to the price point.  It is for those who who are truly ready to invest in themselves, to learn and implement a proven blueprint system. What you need to do is simply follow all that is taught to duplicate and replicate the same success that Jono has achieved. 

The system works but the problem is that most people are afraid to invest their time and money and they don’t want to take time to learn. They are impatient and just expect to see immediate results without putting the time and effort.

People tend to forget that there is no such thing as a ‘get-rich’ scheme.  If that truly exists, then everyone in the this world is a millionaire.  All successful businesses need time and effort to make it grow.  No pain, no gain.

The thing to remember is that this course is not a “give- you  and leave-you” training… as mentioned, you will continue to get ongoing mentoring and help from Jono and his team when you are faced with any roadblocks.

What Are The True Benefits...

My opinion

As mentioned earlier, personally I feel that the value of Ministry Of Freedom Training Program does not only come from the various training modules but also from all the additional learning  and mentoring that I get from being a part of their Facebook Group as well as attending as many weekly Q&A sessions.

Another plus point is that, being a part of a MOF-trained community, it is also easier for members to get their affiliate links approved by vendors.  We are also privileged to get review access of many upcoming product launches, all pre-requested and consolidated by Jono’s team.

Watch This Video & Check It Out

With 30 days money back guarantee – why not check out the Ministry of Freedom for yourself.  You have nothing to lose!  Click on the video below and listen to what Jono has to say.

How Much Does Ministry Of Freedom Cost?

The training is currently priced at US$1497.  There is also the instalment payment option, where you can pay $797 upfront, and then two more payments of $797 each (at 30 days apart).

Where possible, I would recommend paying in full as you get an immediate savings.  Plus, you will also be able to enjoy a special ‘traffic rotator’ scheme for beginners (limited to first 90 days).  This is a form of ‘booster’ for newbies where you will ride on Jono’s mailing list for your launch jacking efforts which will help to generate sales commissions for beginners.

Don't Forget To Grab These Extra Bonuses From Me

MOF training program is already so comprehensive you don’t really need anything else.  But if you sign up for this training through any of the red buttons, you will also receive these additional bonuses.


Full training program worth 349. You will learn everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. Also included are tips and guides on how to succeed in this business.


Learn how to set up your Lead-driven sales funnel system and start building your own profitable email list for future promotion of your own products or other affiliate products.


This training is worth $109. You will learn everything you need to know about Paid Traffic and generating profits from them. This training also includes Guides, Samples & Templates, Checklists and Cheat Sheets.


This video course will help you make the most of Instagram. Start leveraging and maximising the use of social media to boost your internet marketing efforts and to generate more profits.