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Looking for a New Career? Be an Image Consultant

Fashion Stylist / Image Consultant Training Turn Your Passion For Fashion And Style Into A Rewarding Career With Impressive Profits

Want to look & feel your best and help others do the same?

This year is full of uncertainties as governments around the world are grappling to overcome the hardest challenge yet.  For many of us, we cannot ignore the uncertainty of employment as businesses struggle to stay afloat or continue operation.  Perhaps, this is the time for us to start looking at new career options and training for it.

Turn your passion for fashion and style into a Rewarding Career

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Anyone can be an Image Consultant or Fashion Stylist

New Career Image Consultant Fashion Stylist Training Build own business

If you have an interest in beauty, fashion and style – why not consider a career as a fashion stylist and image consultant?  As a stylist or a consultant, you’ll be able to set your own working hours and work on your terms.  The most rewarding part is the ability to play a vital role in people’s lives: helping people look good and feel great about their image so they can achieve more.

People who look good and feel good about themselves have better odds of finding a job, getting a promotion, launching a career or attracting the interest of prospective romantic partners.  As a consultant, you will learn to transform your clients into the best possible versions of themselves, and build their confidence and self-esteem along the way.

You don’t need to have any pre-requisites in order to become a successful Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist. The only requirements for getting started are:

  1. A love for fashion and style

  2. A desire to help people improve their lives

  3. The drive to learn the skills to build a successful career.

In today’s digital world inundated with videos and photos, people want to look their best at all times.  There will be plenty of work/business opportunities as the demand for image consultant services increase.

It’s time to make a living doing what you love

Become an image consultant to turn your passion for beauty into a successful and fulfilling business! Liberate yourself from the bondage of 9-to-5 and be your own boss as a personal stylist.

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Steps to becoming a successful Image Consultant

  • Turn your passion for fashion into a profession

  • Get paid to make people look good and feel great

  • Gain personal and financial rewards

  • Set your own schedule, and work as much or as little as is right for you

  • Launch and market your NEW exciting business

  • Build your successful business and establish your brand

What is the main ‘ingredient’ to becoming a good Image Consultant

Expert trainers often wonder why some students achieve success while others tend to fall behind.  They found that the main missing ‘ingredient’ is passion.  If you want to move ahead in your consulting business, you must be passionate about what you do each day.

Put Yourself in Your Client’s Shoes

In addition to having a passion for your work, you also need to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Ask yourself what your client wants, needs and expects when doing business with you, and the right choices should reveal themselves. Putting yourself in the shoes of your clients allows you to come up with the solutions for which they are looking, but you will also give them the type of customer care they deserve. Since your clients are the most important part of your business, keep them in mind with each step you take.

Be a Proactive Leader

Being a proactive leader is another element of success worth considering. When you are a proactive leader, you go out and look for business, and you don’t sit back and wait for it to come to you. Put in the effort to learn the skills required to promote yourself to the right audience, and the outcome will please you.

Have a ‘Keep Learning’ Attitude

As a new consultant and an entrepreneur, you may not have all the skills needed to run a business right now.  However, if you have a good attitude towards lifelong learning, then you will be able to build and strengthen your knowledge and skills – and be on the right path towards success.

Why people hire an Image Consultant

In today’s world (and with the advent of social media) people are more aware about how they look and putting a lot of effort in maintaining a good visual image and appearance. Especially those in the corporate arena or in business, it is important to project a good personal image in order to create a positive, lasting first impression. Whether we like it or not, people DO judge us like a book.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to look his/her best. They often short-change their skills, knowledge and ability through the way they dress or the image that they project. This is where the service of an image consultant can help them improve their style and personal image. They know the trick to make their clients look attractive, feel good and boost their confidence. This can help their clients in getting a promotion, finding a job, winning a business deal, finding new love and more!

How to become an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist - get the full training course
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Things to consider when choosing your training course

When selecting a training provider, it is best that we keep the following considerations in mind.

1. Online Live and On-Demand Training Options

In this day and age (especially with the Covid19 restrictions), digital training is becoming the norm. It is good to have the options of doing the training online (live) or on-demand as these offer the convenience of doing the training in the comfort of our own home as well as the flexibility to be trained at our own pace.

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee

A good Image Consultant training is definitely a good investment towards a new career or business. Therefore, when signing up (especially) for an online training, it is important to ensure that the training provider is well-established and offers a money back guarantee.

3. Image Consultants Training Certification and Accreditation​

Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) is the internationally-recognised certifying association for image consultant professionals and training. It will be good if the training provider’s modules qualify for CEU’s (Continuing Education Unit) under AICI or if they can prepare the students for AICI exams. However, it is not a must for all image consultants to be registered or qualified under AICI.

The 3 Levels of Image Consultant Training

This is the main foundation training – designed to provide you with the skills and information you need to become a professional Fashion Stylist and an Image Consultant. The next level is to become a Certified Image Consultant. This intense training will take your love and passion to fashion into a profession to become a certified Makeover Expert. The ultimate level is to become a “Certified Master Trainer & Lifestyle Coach” – where your knowledge and skills will encompass the full spectrum of teaching and coaching clients and aspiring new consultants.

It’s time to make a living doing what you love

Become an image consultant to turn your passion for beauty into a successful and fulfilling business! Liberate yourself from the bondage of 9-to-5 and be your own boss as a personal stylist.

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